Different Types of Foundation Wall Damages and Preventive Measures

by Misty

What does a foundation wall mean? Foundations are solid platforms constructed below ground level. A foundation allows a structure to "stand" reliably. The foundation wall can be made of many different materials like reinforced concrete, masonry, brick, soil, cement, or stone. It is attached to the ground level and supports the building to stand securely. It can cause the building to sag, crack, or leak if the walls of a building are built directly on the ground surface. The weight of the construction will soon press them into the ground.

Causes Behind Foundation Problems

Causes behind Foundation Problems

The main cause of the foundation problem is water. If there’s too much water or too little is problematic for the foundation. If the soil under the foundation dries out or absorbs too much water it can cause harm to the foundation.

  • Poor Pre-Construction Compression: When a structure or wall builds on different types of soil it can cause different types of problems also. Like if one type of soil holds too much water and the other type doesn’t then it cause many structural damages.
  • Improper Drainage: If rain water drenched from the roof to the foundation then it causes the foundation wall many problems. Soit’s very important to keep arrangements for drying the water quickly.
  • The Soil under the Foundation Dries Out: In the summer season or dry atmosphere, the soil beneath the foundation shrinks. And it causes wall cracks. So it is important to water the soil nearby the foundation.
  • The Soil under the Foundation Absorbs Too Much Water: In the rainy season, the soil absorbs too much water and it swells and expands. And for this walls, floors, ceiling causes harms also.

Preventative Measures That Protect Your Foundation Wall

  • Proper Slope: A "positive slope" is a proper slope that directs water away from your home's foundation. Also a flat yard isn’t safe it can cause as much harm as a "negative slope," because that directs water toward the foundation.
  • Preventative measures that protect your foundation wall
  • A Stone Foundation: The main purpose of a stone foundation is to keep moisture out and protect a home from the cold.
  • Annual Plumbing Inspections: To maintain a healthy and safe foundation, a licensed plumber should be contacted quickly to resolve any suspected leak concerns.
  • Keep the Foundation Pit Moisture Consistent: Moisture levels can also cause harms the walls of a foundation, similar to how sidewalks crack due to the expansion and contraction caused by extreme weather conditions.
  • Landscape Intelligence: Plants can enhance the beauty of any place, as well as keep the soil around them in good condition. The strategy is to landscape wisely, by no planting trees too close to the foundation.
  • Proper Drainage System: The drainage system is very important for a foundation because it helps to keep water away from the foundation. This could cause cracks and cause a house to collapse if a proper drainage system is not provided.

Common Signs of Foundation Problems

A house is a very expensive investment for anyone. It is important to protect it. So it is important to learn how to identify the common signs of foundation problems. Hairline cracks are a common problem of a wall foundation. If large cracks appear suddenly in walls then it can damage the whole structure. There are many common problems in the foundation walls. They are:

  • Foundation Cracks: Wall/Floor Cracks
  • Horizontal Or Vertical Wall Cracks
  • Wall rotation
  • Broken walls
  • Cracked Bricks
  • Bulging, Buckling Foundation Walls

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