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Water damage is disastrous, we all know that. But commercial water damage is much more disastrous than residential water damage. It is crucial to act quickly to mitigate the water damage.

Electrical malfunction is another common cause of home fires. Damage cords, plugging too many cords in same outlet, frayed wires etc are the few reasons that can easily lead to fire. Don't over plug outlets.

You need to act as fast as possible in case of water damage. Standing water & moisture provide bacteria and mold a perfect environment. this type of environment can lead to allergic reactions and even disease. So quickly water removing is one of the most

Today I am going to talk about water damage and how the damage restoration companies handle these. It's going to be a big post. So maybe I will split this into 2 parts. And this is obviously part 1.

When disaster strikes, either it is a natural disaster like hurricane, hail storm or flood, or a man made disaster like toilet or plumbing overflow or fire, on that time the person or the business don't have enough time to get different quotes and decide

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